Tricia Fuller, Human Resources Director

"You may be aware of the huge success of our Skills for Life programme which has picked up a number of regional and national awards, and was in 2007 awarded the National Award for Excellence, quite an achievement for a relatively small organisation.

The success of this programme was in a huge part due to the support we had from the Norfolk TULL, which helped us to develop and sustain a vital link with the Trade Unions. It’s fair to say that without the support of the local TULL we wouldn’t have even considered embarking on the project. We face the same difficulties as other employers in the area; a workforce that is geographically wide spread, small numbers of staff on any one site and the general difficulties of poor transport in rural areas. TULL has been especially creative in helping us manage these difficulties. Latest figures from our project indicates some 1700 learners have accessed Skills for Life and other learning interventions as a result, quite an achievement but one which could have been a missed opportunity without TULL support. Despite our success and confidence in this area, we continue to rely on the local TULL to support ULR’s and Shop Stewards and to provide a forum for networking. This all ensures that our staff are up to date on emerging initiatives.

The success of Norse Commercial Services (previously NCS) programme has also meant we have been able to spread the benefits within the wider public sector where I believe the TULL are especially effective. Other authorities and housing associations are keen to mirror our success, I have been providing support and sign posting them to the TULL in Norfolk and Suffolk."

Yours sincerely

Tricia Fuller
Human Resources Director