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TULL works in Norfolk and Suffolk with trade unions, employers, learning providers, and support organisations, to build partnerships and networks, offer support and resources and help to develop sustainable workplace learning activities.

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Uncovering Gems

Uncovering Gems involved over 130 people, empowering them to produce a creative piece giving their perspective on the world of work. Workshop sessions ran in eleven locations across Norfolk and Suffolk, in workplaces and community organisations. Two books have been produced and a website created, which includes additional stories/poems on the theme of work and videoclips of individuals reading their work.

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Learning Link

Bringing together opportunities for employees, union learning representatives (ULRs), employers, managers, learning providers and others involved in workplace learning.

Workplace Learning and Skills Network

Workplace Learning and Skills Network

The Norfolk and Suffolk Workplace Learning and Skills Network is a new local organisation which aims to bring together people committed to workplace learning.

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Suffolk Learning Link

The project was designed to increase the achievements of Skills for Life for people employed in the public and the voluntary sectors in Suffolk. There was no cost to the individual or the employer.